Vehicle Sourcing

Autolookup Vehicle Sourcing Services

At, we understand that the current economy is very challenging for many Nigerians. That is why we setup a vehicle history report service like this that can help a buyer have rest of mind and derive real value for his hard-earned money. The present economy is really biting with a dollar exchanging at almost N440 naira! 

Why would you want to regret or suffer buyer’s remorse after sending money to the US or Canada to someone or agent to help you pick the right car for you. Many times, based on our vehicle sourcing experience, we have heard hundreds of customers who complained that the person who they sent money to defrauded and got them a “junk” vehicle for their hard-earned money. 

The truth is that a car buyer and owner should be involved throughout the entire process of selecting the vehicle specifications, title records checking, vehicle health condition checking, problem checking, and the real economic value of the intended vehicle. However, many buyers who like to transfer such due diligence to a reliable partner who can aid them or advise them to pick the right car for their budget always consult with AUTOLOOKUP VEHICLE SOURCING SERVICES


  • Vehicle Sourcing

    • Vehicle Health Status Verification
      • Making Payment for Vehicle
      •         Transportation & Shipping  
        • Vessel or Container Tracking
        •         Import Processing

We will guide you all the way from picking the right vehicle specifications, vehicle heath report and Carfax check, problem checking and helping you determine the right value for the vehicle you intend to buy. There is no need for you worry anymore, as VehicleHistoryReport vehicle sourcing consulting will guide to pick the right vehicle and we also provide shipping advice for car buyers.

In order for us to to help you source the right kind of vehicle for you, you need to provide us with the following information:

  •  Your name
  • Your Location
  •  Your Contact number
  • Your Email Address
  • Your desired car specifications– including make, year, model, trim type, engine, colour, approximate budget, specifications, e.g. Anti-Brake System, Steering Type, Odometer Mileage, etc.
  • Your Car VIN or Chassis number - If you have seen a vehicle, provide us the VIN or chassis number (ask your dealer or agent for this. If he or she does not provide it, then it’s a sign that you should not buy this vehicle)


 And we will get back to you on Next steps.