Thursday 30 October 2014

Purchase Vehicles from Abroad Safely

Lots of Nigerians import lots of vehicles from all over the world, especially from the US annually. Such investments cost millions to billions of naira annually. While some sellers have become wise by importing and selling junk vehicles which the buyers only find out when they have already paid for that vehicle.

However, you do not have to fall prey to such scam. It is wiser as a buyer to check the vehicle history report using the VIN(Vehicle identification number) first before ordering for that vehicle.
Today, we have a website that helps Nigerians find out the Vehicle history of cars before purchasing them.

Go to AUTOLOOKUP and buy a vehicle history report today for that vehicle you are about to buy.
You have the following options to purchase a full vehicle history report: 1. Voguepay 2. mypaga and 3. Paypal.
Enjoy your wisdom!

AUTOLOOKUP...Nigeria's First VIN Check Online Service!

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