Monday 22 December 2014

Your VIN Number Same As Your Chassis No.

I have already defined what a VIN or Vehicle Identification number is in my previous blog where I explained how the auto look up web service works on our website. I also highlighted the places on your vehicle where you can locate the Vehicle Identification Number.

If you ever applied for a vehicle licence in Nigeria, you will be familiar with AUTOREG and the vehicle licence you receive after successful application is as displayed below.

Now, in order to query for the Vehicle History of this car, simply copy out that Chassis number as highlighted and enter into the search field of AUTOLOOKUP.COM.NG web service as shown below.

Now, hit the SEARCH button and you will receive feedback about the Vehicle specifications as below.

You have the option to purchase the full vehicle history report by clicking on "Add to Cart"

After adding this item to cart, then click on "View Cart" as seen on the next window that appears

On the next window that appears, click on "Proceed to Checkout"

Enter your "Billing details" and select payment option , whether Paypal or mypaga or Voguepay

Complete your payment based on payment channel option you select

Once you complete the payment , you will receive a link to download the Full vehicle history report in your email.

The key wisdom is to always ensure you obtain the VIN or Chassis number of the vehicle you intend to enable you purchase a full history report on the vehicle before purchase. A single report is less that N1000 and what is that compared to expending N3,000,000 and above only later to discover you bought a sub-standard or junk vehicle.

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  1. VINs or chassis number will let you know the history of a certain car when you run a vin check.


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